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Ferndale Safety is a North American leader in designing, manufacturing and installing machine safety products and solutions.  We bring your machines up to OSHA, ANSI, and international safety standards.

On-Site Machine Guarding Audits

Have our machine safety specialists go on-site to inspect your machines for safety compliance. We will provide you with a quote for each machine to bring it up to safety standards.

Fabrication Services

Your project is important, so Ferndale Safety has you covered. We have a fully equipped fabrication shop and highly trained manufacturing and field installation technicians.

Safety Engineering

Work with our team of safety experts, mechanical designers, and professional engineers to get your project off the ground and done right.

Machine safeguarding is essential to workplace safety, as it helps prevent injuries and accidents involving machines. By implementing effective machine safeguarding measures, businesses can protect their employees and reduce the risk of workplace incidents.

One of the critical components of machine safeguarding is using guards and safety devices. These devices protect operators from moving parts and other hazards. They can include guards to prevent access to dangerous areas, emergency stop buttons, and other safety features.

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