Ferndale offers a variety of lathe safety guards for machines such as metal and wood lathes.  Our popular polycarbonate (Lexan®) chuck shields cover the spindle chuck completely.  From small Hardinge®-type machines to larger engine lathes – Ferndale Safety has the right lathe safety guard for your application.

The chuck guard compliments the carriage chip shield, and features large, easy to see through screens.  These chip shields prevents coolant, spiral chips, and swarf from being ejected out towards the operator. Our lead-screw covers which can be bellow-type or roll-up dust covers prevent operator entanglement.

Most of our safety guards that are movable come equipped with electrical safety interlock switches to prevent machine use without the guard in place.  These safety guards meet or exceed OSHA and worldwide safety authority requirements.

Contact us for more information about our lathe safety guards. We also do on-site assessments and verify if your machines have the necessary shields, covers and safety devices installed to pass safety inspections.

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