Lathe Guards

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Lathe Guards

We manufacture and stock guarding for any sized lathe.  Various safety guard options are available for lathes, including shields, covers, and enclosures.

If you are unsure which guard will fit your lathe, call or send us a message, and one of our lathe guarding specialists will be more than happy to assist you with a quote.

Read more about lathe guards and how to improve the overall safety of the lathe here.

Safeguard All The Areas of Your Lathe

There are three main areas of a lathe that require guards: the chuck, the lead screws, and the point of operation.  The chuck holds the workpiece in place while machining and requires a shield.  The lead screws are responsible for moving the cutting tool and must be protected to prevent entanglement injury to the operator.  The point of operation produces flying chips and is where the cutting tool makes contact with the workpiece.