Lathes, VTL's & VBM's

Lathe Safety Guarding

Lathes are powerful machines used for turning and cutting metal.  Safety guarding for lathes is essential for ensuring a safe work environment in machine shops.  Operators risk injury from flying debris or accidental contact with rotating parts without proper safety guards.

Various safety guarding options are available for lathes, including shields, covers, and enclosures.  These products are designed to provide a physical barrier between the operator and the machine’s moving parts or flying debris, reducing the risk of injury.

The shield is one of lathes’ most popular safety guarding solutions.  Shield guards are typically made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum and are mounted on the lathe carriage, chuck area, or bed.  They are adjustable and movable to accommodate different cutting scenarios.

Enclosures are another option for safety guarding for lathes.  These fully-enclosed units protect the operator from all sides, providing maximum protection from flying debris and accidental contact with the cutting tool.  Enclosures are available in various materials, including polycarbonate, steel, and aluminum, and can be custom-sized to fit any lathe.

Safeguard All The Areas of Your Lathe

In addition to the shields, covers, and enclosures, there are three main areas of a lathe that require protection: the chuck, the lead screws, and the point of operation.  The chuck holds the workpiece in place while machining and requires a shield.  The lead screws are responsible for moving the cutting tool and must be protected to prevent entanglement injury to the operator.  The point of operation produces flying chips and is where the cutting tool makes contact with the workpiece.

Don’t Forget Barrier Guards

If there is a walkway behind the lathe, it is important to install a barrier guard to protect operators and bystanders from flying debris.  This barrier should be made of clear polycarbonate or other durable materials and extend from the floor to above the highest point of the lathe to provide maximum protection.

Protecting these critical areas of the lathe can greatly reduce the risk of injury and ensure a safe and secure work environment.  So, invest in high-quality safety guarding products for your lathes to keep your employees protected and your business running smoothly.