Sliding Lathe Chuck Guard w/ Interlock for Big Lathes

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This lathe chuck guard is for use on medium to large lathes.  Features smooth sliding shield with optional laminated safety glass and LED work lighting.

Upgrade Your Product…

Upgrade this guard from polycarbonate to laminated safety glass. Glass has much better resistance to hot chips and coolants made with ketones or esters.


Lathe Chuck Guard Features & Advantages

Are you wondering how to safeguard your medium or large-sized lathe with a lathe chuck guard?  Look no further because you have found the best solution for guarding these lathes.  The shield slides left and allows unobstructed access to the parts.  You will find that the slide mechanism is super smooth and allows for fast and easy access when changing workpieces.

Should I Buy Polycarbonate or Glass Windows?

Each size has the option to include polycarbonate or laminated safety glass windows.  The advantages of glass are that it won’t burn or scratch as easily as polycarbonate.  However, polycarbonate is an excellent choice for its impact resistance and lightweight.  Use glass if the machine sprays a lot of coolants or hot chips from the lathe.  Use polycarbonate if coolant is used locally on the part, and chips aren’t a big problem.  The polycarbonate is easily changed if it becomes cloudy or scratched up from regular use.

Work Light Option

You will love the work lights we put on these lathe chuck guards!  Because the whole assembly is mounted on the headstock, we have cleverly installed LED work lights underneath the top of the guard.  The part you’re working on and the work area will be well-lighted, making working with the lathe much more enjoyable.

LED Work Light

Work lights are an excellent choice for the operator’s experience.  The LED light offers a 120-degree beam at 700 Lumens and comes with a 5m cable length.

Chuck Guard For Medium-Sized Lathes (Model MINOR)

This 16″ and 20″ safety guard is excellent for medium-sized lathes.  These models have only two mounting feet compared to the four that come standard on the MAJOR model.

Use this dimensional drawing to verify the measurments in the table on this page.

MINOR A (chuck dia) B C
AER 16″ (400mm) 19 1/2″ (495mm) 13 3/4″ (350mm)
SPECIAL 20″ (500mm) 23 5/8″ (600mm) 17 3/4″ (450mm)

Chuck Guard For Large-Sized Lathes (Model MAJOR)

The MAJOR models of this lathe chuck guard are designed for large lathes with chucks greater than 20″.   These have larger shields and have four mounting feet instead of the two of the MINOR model.

Schematic diagram of Major lathe chuck guardTable of dimensions for this product.

Product Variations

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Chuck diameter

16" (400mm), 20" (500mm), 23 1/2" (600mm), 27 1/2" (700mm), 35 1/2" (900mm), 43 1/4" (1100mm), 55'' (1400mm)


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