Belt & Disc Sander Guarding

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Working with power tools such as belt and disk sanders can be dangerous if you don’t take proper safety measures.  That’s why it’s crucial to put guarding on your belt and disk sander.

Guard your Sander for Safety

The purpose of guarding on a belt or disk sander is to protect the operator from potential hazards.  Without proper guarding, dust, debris, and even the sanding belt can pose a risk to the operator.  Guarding helps to contain these potential hazards and reduces the risk of injury.

You can ensure your safety and prevent potential accidents by guarding your sander.  Also, guarding helps prevent accidental contact with the sanding belt or disk.  This can cause the belt or disk to break, creating an even greater hazard for the operator.

It’s important to note that you should cover any exposed and unused portions of the belt or disk.  This further reduces the risk of injury and ensures maximum safety for the operator.