On-Site Quotes

Were you tasked with safeguarding the machinery in your company only to be overwhelmed with the job? Do you have more than ten machines and don’t have the workforce to protect them all? Don’t worry; we have your back. Give us a call to schedule an on-site visit and quote.

We travel directly to you and do an on-site safety analysis and inventory of your machinery.  We don’t send just any salesperson.  We send one of our installation technicians that have had years of installation experience.  Our technicians know how the machines work, and how they are operated.  This ensures that you have the best safety guarding solution right away.

To top it all off, we don’t charge for the time on-site to build quotes; we only charge a small fee for our technician travel & lodging expenses.  Click here to schedule an on-site visit.

Safety Engineering & Design

We have a dedicated team of safety engineers that are available to help you design and develop custom guarding for your specific needs.  We use state-of-the-art tools to virtually test safety guards before we send them over to our custom fabrication shop.