Bench Grinder Shields & Pedestal Grinder Safety Guarding

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Don’t Overlook Your Grinder Safety

Keeping your work environment safe and in compliance with OSHA regulations is crucial for the well-being of your employees and your company. One regulation that often gets overlooked is the proper use of bench grinders and their associated safety shields.

If you have a bench grinder in use at your facility, it is important to check if the safety shields are in good condition. Worn-out shields can pose a risk to employees and leave you vulnerable to safety deficiencies cited by OSHA. That’s why at Ferndale Safety, we offer a variety of safety shields, including the original electrically interlocked laminated glass shields, to protect your workers.

Offers Additional Protection to Safety Glasses

OSHA 29 CFR Subpart O 1910.215 is a regulation specifically for pedestal and bench grinders. Following this regulation, OSHA Standard 1926.303(c)(9) requires that all abrasive wheel employees be protected by eye protection equipment. A safety shield on a grinder provided by Ferndale Safety protects against hazards such as flying debris and sparks and serve as additional eye protection for your workers.

In addition to having proper safety shields, it is also important to follow other guidelines set by OSHA. For example, the regulation specifies that the work rests must be adjusted to within 1/8 inch of the wheel, and the tongue-guard/spark arrestor should never exceed 1/4 inch. Neglecting these guidelines can result in safety deficiencies and potential harm to your employees.

Don’t take any chances regarding the safety of your workers and company, and make sure your bench grinders comply with OSHA regulations. Replace your worn-out bench grinder shields, and following OSHA regulations are crucial to ensuring a safe work environment. At Ferndale Safety, we provide the necessary equipment and information to help you meet these requirements and avoid potential safety deficiencies.