MO-2+ | Premium Bench Grinder Safety Shield w/ Laminated Glass


Our premium safety guard for bench and pedestal grinders.  Huge laminated glass windows and high intensity LED lights make grinding actually enjoyable.


Want the best bench grinder safety shield available?  The shields that originally come with your bench grinder just plain suck.  To keep costs down, OEM manufacturers include shields that are made of cheap plastic and are extremely small!  Grinders make a lot of sparks and heat that destroys these small shields.  The result is that these safety shields are removed, or flipped out of the way because they are unusable.

The solution is Ferndale Safety’s premium line of bench grinder safety shields.  These guards will last longer than the grinder that is under them.  They are built to last in a tough industrial environment for years.

You will also find a supersized version of this guard (click here)

Product features

  • The best grinder safety guard available anywhere!
  • Laminated glass shields – Superior resistance to abrasion.
  • Bright LED work lights are built-in
  • Huge viewing windows. (8” x 9.5”)
  • Electrical safety interlock switch and cable included.


This product might be a challenge to install but do not fret!  This product includes direct world class support.  We have installation technicians that are available to walk you through the installation process.

You can buy an installation kit by clicking on the following link: Click here for the installation kit for this guard.  These kits make installation a lot simpler!

Restart Protection

Don’t forget!  If you intend to wire the electrical safety interlock switch that is included with this safety guard, you will probably need a motor starter.  The switch is not capable of handling the amount of power that the motor takes. If in doubt, contact us and we will be glad to help you out.

Product Variations

LED Option

With LED, No LED