MO3+ Safety Shield for big Pedestal Grinders


Made for very big pedestal grinders that need very big safety guards.  Includes built-in LED work lights.

Only 2 left in stock.


One of the best large pedestal grinder safety shields available. What’s wrong with the guards included with OEM grinders? They are made of cheap plastic and too small to be useful. Grinders make a lot of sparks and heat that destroys these small shields. The result? They are removed or flipped up and out of the way because they are unusable.

The solution is Ferndale Safety’s premium line of bench grinder safety shields. These guards will last longer than the grinder that is under them. They are built to last in a harsh industrial environment for years.

This grinder guard might be a bit too big for your machine.
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Product Features

  • The best grinder safety guard available anywhere!
  • Laminated glass shields – (Superior abrasion resistance)
  • High-intensity LED work lights integrated into the shields
  • Huge viewing windows. Over one sq ft! 11.8” x13.8”
  • Electrical safety interlock switch and cable included.

Product Variations

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24.41 × 12.6 × 5.51 in

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