ViziGuard™ Premium Bench Grinder Safety System

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Upgrade your bench grinder to unprecedented levels of safety and style with the Ferndale Safety ViziGuard™ premium bench grinder shield.

You may need...

Bench Grinder Mounting Plate for Safety Shield

Easily mount your bench grinder on any surface with this universal mounting plate.  Includes the bracket to mount the ViziGuard™ bench grinder safety system.

Industrial Bench Grinder Stand

Securely mount your bench grinder to the floor with this bench grinder stand.  Includes pre-drilled holes for mounting most sizes of bench grinders.


The ViziGuard™ Premium Bench Grinder Safety System

Fit any bench grinder inside and instantly add these features:

Window sizes (Viewable area): 6.875” wide x 5.75″ tall

  1. Your choice of scratch and burn-resistant laminated glass or the economical polycarbonate shields.
  2. A built-in electrical interlock switch to integrate with an anti-restart device.  It prevents the grinder from starting while the shields are in the open position.
  3. All-steel frame and heavy-duty construction provide years of maintenance-free service.
  4. Easy to install and is available with an optional mounting plate.
  5. Optional work lighting is built into the shields for excellent visibility without glare.
  6. The shields are adjustable in height to any most comfortable location.

Upgrade Your Safety Standards

Are you tired of the outdated, flimsy shields that came standard with your bench grinder?  It’s time to take your safety to the next level with our revolutionary Bench Grinder safety system.  This steel shield is a game-changer for protecting yourself while grinding.

Unmatched Visibility: Say goodbye to limited visibility and hello to a crystal-clear work environment.  Our Bench Grinder Shield features expansive laminated safety glass or polycarbonate windows that offer an unobstructed view of your grinding tasks.  With these generous windows, you’ll have unparalleled visibility, allowing you to work precisely and confidently.

Sleek Design: Not only does our Bench Grinder Shield prioritize safety, but it also adds a touch of sleekness to your workspace.  Its modern design complements any bench grinder, giving your setup a clean and professional appearance.

Height Adjustment: We understand that different setups require different heights.  You can effortlessly adjust the guard to your preferred size.  We’ve equipped our shield with a total of 15-inch height adjustment.

Enhanced Safety Measures: Your safety is our utmost priority, so we’ve incorporated an electrical interlock switch into our Bench Grinder Shield.  This innovative feature prevents the grinder from operating while the shield is open.  This feature may require additional electrical components, such as our anti-restart device or an electronic brake.

Effortless Installation: Safety upgrades should be hassle-free.  Hence, Ferndale Safety designed our Bench Grinder Shield to be easy to install.  With the built-in mounting bracket and optional mounting plates, you can securely attach the shield to your bench grinder within minutes.  No complex assembly is required—start enjoying the benefits right away!

Unrivaled Durability: Constructed from heavy-duty steel, our Bench Grinder Shield is built to withstand the harshest conditions.  Unlike flimsy OEM shields, our product offers robust protection and is built to last.  Invest in durability and reliability, ensuring your shield remains reliable throughout countless projects.

Upgrade Your Safety Today: Don’t settle for subpar OEM shields any longer.  Upgrade to our cutting-edge Bench Grinder Shield and experience its unparalleled benefits.  Enjoy exceptional visibility, effortless height adjustment, enhanced safety features, and a sleek design that transforms your workspace.  Invest in your safety and take grinding to a whole new level.

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Standard Model, Standard Plus LED Work Lighting

Shield Type

Polycarbonate, Laminate Glass

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