Machine Guard Fencing

Easily choose from the various panel, door, and post options to build the perfectly sized machine guard fence for your application.

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Take a closer look at the variety of machine guard fencing options from Velox.

What Makes Velox Different?

Velox machine guarding allows you to create a safe perimeter quickly and efficiently for you and your employees. Velox installs quickly, offers high visibility, and can be modified in the field to suit your specific needs, helping protect employees and avoid accidents.

Velox Robotic Cell Safety Fencing

Configure Your Machine Guard Fence to Your Requirements

  1. Designed to protect workers from injury while working around dangerous machinery. They can guard any industrial machinery, like robotic cells, conveyors, presses, saws, grinders, lathes, etc.
  2. Versatile and easy to install. They come in two sizes that fit different types of machines and offer multiple mounting options like floor or wall.
  3. Designed to meet or exceed OSHA regulations.
  4. Affordable, durable, and built to last.
  5. Manufactured using only the highest quality materials. This ensures that they will provide years of reliable service.



How can I order Velox machine guard fencing?

The best way for us to quote you the best guarding solution is for you to contact us with a simple sketch of what you are looking for. This sketch can be a simple drawing with dimensions on the back of a “paper napkin.” To get a quote and see some more information, click here:

What kind of structural elements are available?

Panels: Our non-progressive panels allow you to remove a single panel without taking down the entire run, ensuring quick panel removal and replacement.
Posts: Four Velox post designs accommodate every combination of panel and door for a system that fits your machinery and space.
Doors: Swing and slide door options allow access that best fits your facility and the operated machinery.

How hard is it to install Velox machine guard fencing?

Velox is the fastest-installing machine guarding product available, meaning you spend less time assembling and more time getting back to your bottom line. Design using modular components from our 48-Hour Quick Ship List to get up to code faster than anyone else.

It’s Easy to Order!

Contact us with a sketch or plan of your project and we will send you a quote – It’s as easy as that!