Industrial Safety Fencing

Velox™ industrial safety fencing prevents access into dangerous areas such as robotic cells, conveyors, and welding areas, to name a few.


Protect Workers with Industrial Safety Fencing

Velox is the most innovative and versatile industrial safety fencing that can provide a safe perimeter in any facility.


Our non-progressive panels allow you to remove a single panel without taking down the entire run, ensuring quick panel removal and replacement.

  • Unframed wire mesh panels offer the flexibility to customize in the field.
  • Ridges bent into the panel provide strength without the cumbersome weight of typically framed panels.
  • Standard black-painted panels create a high-visibility system.
  • Wire panels are made of 2-inch x 2-inch x 8-gauge welded wire mesh.
  • Panels are also available in clear Lexan and solid sheet metal.


Four Velox industrial safety fencing post designs accommodate every combination of panel and door for a system that fits your machinery and space.

  • Four post styles accommodate (1) swing doors, (2) slide doors, (3) adjustable corner posts for non-90-degree corners, and (4) line posts for straight runs and 90-degree corners.
  • Heavy-duty anchors are included with every post order to ensure strength and stability.
  • All Velox posts come in the standard safety yellow paint color.
  • Post height equals the overall size of assembled systems.

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Has interlock switch

No (No Interlock), Yes (With Interlock)

Product color

Black, Yellow

Product Features


Disclaimer: By purchasing Our Products, you agree not to use them for "hot work" (e.g., grinding, welding, soldering, cutting) due to fire risk. Misuse is forbidden, and following all safety guidelines is required. Non-compliance means you accept full responsibility for any resulting harm or damage. For your safety and the effectiveness of Our machine guarding, remain within the "Safe Work Zone" directly in front of the guarding. Standing to the side increases injury risk and breaches our usage policy. Adhering to this rule ensures your safety and the Products optimal performance. For detailed safety and operational guidelines, please see our Terms and Conditions. (click here)