Driver Access Security Cages

Driver access cages prevent unauthorized access.  Best for use near shipping dock truck driver entrance.

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Driver Access Security Cages

Custom-built driver access security cages to keep visitors and employees safe. Install these cages around the driver entrance next to shipping docks or other entry doors. Ferndale Safety designed these driver access cages to prevent truckers from wandering throughout warehouses and deters theft.

It is constructed of aluminum extrusion and polycarbonate or PVC-coated steel mesh. It can be made to fit irregular walls or entry areas. It Assembles and installs very easily and requires minimal tools.

Available Options

  • Polycarbonate and black PVC-coated steel mesh
  • Handles that only open from the inside
  • Automatic door locks with remote push-button unlock
  • Aluminum extrusion construction is easy to repair

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Ferndale Safety

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