Custom Hydraulic Press Guarding

Custom-made hydraulic press guard to suit your work style and requirements.  It blocks high-speed projections from the press.  Available with a variety of accessories and features.


Ferndale Safety Hydraulic Press Guarding

Great for large H-frame insertion hydraulic presses, each guard is custom-made to fit your machine.  It comes with polycarbonate-backed steel mesh windows to protect against projections.

Why Safeguard Hydraulic Presses?

A properly designed safety guard around a hydraulic press will prevent random projections.  The press is capable of putting tons of pressure on the workpiece.  A steel part such as a bearing can fail and throw shrapnel at hundreds of miles an hour outside the press.  This shrapnel can be too small and fast to see with the naked eye.

Available Options

Choose from several available options for safeguarding your hydraulic press.

  • LED work lights
  • Door Types:
    • On hinges
    • Lift-up with counterweights
    • Automatic Opening
  • Two-pressure hydraulic system
  • Custom-designed enclosure.
  • Steel or aluminum extrusion construction
  • Electrical interlock switch(es)

Ferndale Safety has a team of engineers to safeguard your machine.  You can see some of our past projects here.

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Product Variations

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