FER-SD – Safety Guarding for Big Lathes


Safety guarding for medium to big lathes allows for overhead crane loading of parts—100% adjustable and made for industrial use.

Temporarily out of stock. This item is currently not in stock but it is available for ordering. An e-mail will be sent to you with the expected delivery date


Ferndale Safety has developed this safety guarding for big lathes after finding that customers were finding it hard to safeguard their large machines.  We discovered that off-the-shelf lathe guards did not work well for large lathes.

We also have a standard model in stock.  Click here to see it.

We make these safety guards right in our machine shop, and they are custom fit to your machine.  Click here to download the measurement template.  We are quite proud of it, and we think you will like it too.

Safety Guarding for Big Lathes

  • This lathe guard has 1, 2, or more sliding screens
  • Available with polycarbonate or laminated safety glass shields.
  • Electrical interlocking is available on screens.
  • Heavy-duty welded and painted steel frame.
  • Adjustable in every direction.
  • Shields slide on exclusive tracks with wheel bearings.
  • It does not impede crane loading/unloading.
  • Available with high-power LED lighting.

Installers must use concrete anchors to bolt this guard to the floor.  Once bolted down, the guard is rock solid and will provide years of service.

Made to Order

Click here to download our template.  Our engineering department will make CAD drawings for your approval.  We can also come to see you directly to take the necessary measurements if you’re uncomfortable taking the measures yourself.  We also have technicians who can install it.