• Large Lathe Guard
  • Large Lathe Guard
  • Large Lathe Guard
  • Large Lathe Guard
  • Big lathe sliding chuck and chip safety guard

FER-SD – Safety Guarding for Big Lathes

These custom made safety guards are most often installed on large lathes

  • Two sliding screens
  • Polycarbonate shields, laminated glass as an option
  • Safety interlock switch standard.

Ferndale Safety has developed this safety guarding for big lathes after finding out from real people that they were finding it hard to safeguard their large lathes.  Some of these guys and girls were putting on off-the-shelf products not designed for large, heavy machines.  We make these safety guards right in our machine shop and they are custom fit to your lathe.  Click on that “Add to Quote” button to find out more about this lathe guard.  We are quite proud of it and we think you will like it too.

Safety Guarding for Big Lathes

  • This lathe guard has 2 sliding screens
  • Available with polycarbonate or laminated safety glass shields.
  • Safety switch included to interlock the left side shield.
  • Heavy-duty welded and painted steel frame.
  • Completely adjustable.

Made to Order

Click on that “Add to Quote” button and we will get in contact with you.  Our engineering department will make CAD drawings for your approval.  We can also come see you directly to take the necessary measurements if you’re uncomfortable taking the measurements yourself.  We also have technicians that can install it if you’re unable to do so.