Milling Machine Table Guard – Three Sided Guarding for Mills

The Milling Machine Table Guard is a custom-built surface grinder safety guard with built-in safety interlock switches.  It Includes sliding doors and all-around polycarbonate windows.

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Milling Machine Table Guard

This milling machine table guard is easy to install and protects the front and sides of the work area.  It includes a built-in safety interlock switch and two sliding doors.

  • Laminated safety glass or polycarbonate windows
  • Sliding doors

Available with T-nut mounting directly to the table.  No drilling is necessary.  (Please provide the dimensions of your t-nut slots)

This guard is similar to Ferndale Safety’s model FER-TA-SG safety guard.

To build this guard, we need three measurements: A, B & C (See the photo below)A Surface grinder safety guard with sliding doors. Attached directly to table.

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