Milling machine guard

FB/FBB – Standard Milling Machine Guards


Safety guard for milling machines with a round shield.  Great for knee-type milling machines such as Bridgeport mills.
Lathe safety shield dimensions


This is the most popular milling machine guards that we have at Ferndale Safety.  Install these guards on milling machines as a way to protect operators from chips, coolant and the point of operation.

You may be interested in the model FA/FAB guard for large milling machines.

Milling Machine Guard Features

  • Easy to install directly on the side of the milling machine.
  • It includes interlock switches.
  • Choose from many screen sizes.
  • Polycarbonate shield is simple to replace when needed.
  • Easily adjust to fit your work style.
  • Meets or exceeds safety standards for milling machines.

Two Models to Choose From

Choose between our standard or advanced milling machine guards.  The advanced model includes a strut, which allows you to move the shield quickly;  This allows for a quick change of parts during production runs.

Model FB milling machine guard

Standard Model FB

Model FBB milling machine guarding

Advanced Model FBB

Shield Sizes

Left Or Right Mounting Available On Request.  Left mounting is standard.

FB/FBB-200H1808″ (200mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-200H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-300H18011 3/4″ (300mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-300H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-350H18013 3/4″ (350mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-350H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-400H18015 3/4″ (400mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-400H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-450H18017 3/4″ (450mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-450H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-500H18019 1/2″ (500mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-500H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-550H18021 1/2″ (550mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-550H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-600H18023 1/2″ (600mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-600H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-600P-Flat23 1/2″ (600mm) – Flat15.75″ (400mm) – Flat
FB/FBB-650H18025 1/2″ (650mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-650H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-700H18027 1/2″ (700mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-700H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-750H18029 1/2″ (750mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-750H2409.5″ (240mm)
FB/FBB-800H18031 1/2″ (800mm)7″ (180mm)
FB/FBB-800H2409.5″ (240mm)

Flat shield for milling machine safety guard.

Shown is the flat screen for model FB/FBB-600P-FLAT.

Product Variations