BSW – Movable Lathe Backsplash Shield


This lathe back splash wall is great to contain chips and coolant behind a lathe.  It also prevents access to the back of the lathe.

  • Easy to move.
  • Prevents coolant splash behind lathe.
  • Prevents access behind machine.

These lathe backsplash shields are perfect add-on for extra safety and cleanliness in your shop.  They are designed specifically for lathes that are open and accessible in the back. By default, in comes in 4 feet wide sections. Can be made to custom sizes.


  • Lightweight, 4 feet wide aluminum frame with large see-through windows.
  • Easy to move for maintenance or clean-up.
  • Designed for containing coolant spills back to the coolant pan of the lathe.
  • Includes 4 caster wheels with brakes.
  • We can customize these mobile back splash walls to suit your applications.