• Retractable safety blinds for leadscrews

AR | Lathe Lead Screw Covers


Easy to install  lathe lead screw covers.  Accidents happen and a big screw rotating directly in front of you could be a giant entanglement hazard.  These guards are easy to install and offer you peace of mind.


Install these lathe lead screw covers on your machine to prevent entanglements.  The lead screw on a lathe turns rapidly and is directly in front of the operator.  It is very possible that a piece of clothing can get caught up in the threads and start pulling someone in.   Once you install these lathe lead screw covers, you will provide entanglement protection for the operator.  As an added bonus, this lathe lead screw cover also protects chips from contaminating the shafts.

Our Lathe Lead Screw Cover Features

Our model AR lathe lead screw covers kit is designed to protect the lead screw on lathes and other machinery. The rolling mechanism is fully enclosed in a heavy-duty metal box thus avoiding pinch points. The fabric is made of Kevlar fibers (Aramid) and can resist heat from hot chips, and chemicals.

This lathe lead screw cover comes in a kit of two (2) boxes, left and right sides of the carriage.

Lead Screw Sizing Information

Lathe lead screw covers

mm (inch)
mm (inch)
AR-1000H1501000 (39”)150 (6”)
AR-1500H1501500 (59”)150 (6”)
AR-2000H2002000 (78”)200 (8”)
AR-3000H2503000 (118”)250 (10”)
AR-4000H2504000 (157”)250 (10”)
AR-4000H3004000 (157”)300 (12”)
AR-5000H2505000 (196”)250 (10”)
AR-5000H3005000 (196”)300 (12″)
AR-6000H3506000 (236”)350 (13.5”)

Each lathe lead screw model comes in a set of two covers to be installed on the left and right side of the carriage. To figure out what size you need to take the length of the bed and take the closest measurement in the column “Length” above.

Example: You measure an 80″ bed on your lathe. The closest measurement in column “Length” is 78″ (model AR2000), however, a better option would be the model AR3000 (118″).  It is always better to have more than not enough.

Installation of Lathe Lead Screw Covers

No need to remove the existing lead screw, just install these lathe lead screw covers directly over top of your screws.  You may need to supply your own custom made mounting brackets.  There are tons of lathe makes and models and we can’t possibly have a “one-size-fits-perfect” solution.  However, from our experience, these covers can fit on almost every lathe out there.  You can always call us if you need some installation help.

View AR Installation instructions in PDF by clicking here.

Product Variations


39'' (1000mm), 59" (1500mm), 78" (2000mm), 118" (3000mm), 157" (4000mm), 196" (5000mm), 236" (6000mm)


6" (150mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), 12" (300mm), 13 1/2" (350mm)


AR-1000H150 (39"x6"), AR-1500H150 (59"x6"), AR-2000H200 (78"x8"), AR-3000H250 (118"10"), AR-4000H250 (157"x10"), AR-4000H300 (157"x12"), AR-5000H250 (196"x10"), AR-5000H300(196"x12"), AR-6000H350 (236"x13.5")