Our customers ask, “Why are lathe lead screw guards important?”  Lathe operators are surprised to hear that people have been pulled into lead screws.  Your clothing could get snagged by this shaft, which is spinning just inches in front of you.

Think it can’t happen on your lathe?

The reality is, each year Ferndale Safety gets numerous calls from companies where one of their operators got tangled up in the lead screw.  If they had installed lathe lead screw guards, these accidents may have been prevented.

Lathe Lead Screw Guards Save Lives

Each lathe lead screw guard is easy to install and relatively inexpensive.  They don’t interfere with the operation of the machine and don’t change the way the lathe is used.  The guard covers up the exposed screws and protects against accidental entanglements.  At the bottom of this page, you will find our selection of high quality safety guards.

Our Lathe Lead Screw Guards

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