Lathe Guarding System Kit (15% OFF!)

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Complete lathe guarding system includes chuck shield, chip shield, and lead screw cover.  Get a 15% discount when you order all three!

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Universal Lathe Chuck Shield w/ Interlock & Polycarbonate Window

Our most popular lathe chuck shield

There are many sizes to choose from and cover most small to medium-sized lathe chucks.Lathe safety shield dimensions

TC - Lathe Carriage Chip Shield

This lathe carriage chip shield protects the operator from flying chips, coolant, and other debris from the point of operation on a lathe.

Upgrade Your Product…

Upgrade this guard from polycarbonate to laminated safety glass. Glass has much better resistance to hot chips and coolants made with ketones or esters.

Lathe Lead Screw Covers, Retractable Safety Blinds

Easy to install lathe lead screw covers.  Accidents happen, and a big screw rotating directly in front of you could be a big entanglement hazard.  These guards are easy to install and offer you peace of mind.


Purchase this lathe guarding system as a kit to bring your lathe up to safety standards by adding guards such as chip shields.  In addition, this kit comes complete with safety components to guard the three main areas of a lathe: the leadscrew, the chuck, and the carriage.  Adding these three safety components will help protect operators from the hazards generated by machinery such as lathes.

We get hundreds of reported amputations, lacerations, crushing injuries, and abrasions each year due to using a lathe.  These guards will help prevent many accidents on a lathe, including burns from chip ejections, the lathe pulling someone in, and accidental chuck ejections, to name a few.

Lathe Guarding System

It comes complete with:

  1. An electrically interlocked lathe chuck shield – Click here to find out what size you need.
  2. A carriage chip shield is optionally interlocked and available with laminated safety glass as an option.
  3. A lead screw cover that is resistant to red hot chips and cuts
Lathe Chip Shield TC-2

Lathe with all three safety guards installed.

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Product Variations

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Ferndale Safety

Universal Lathe Chuck Shield w/ Interlock & Polycarbonate Window

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Interlock Switch

Manufacturer: Telemecanique
Metal enclosure switch, IP65 rated degree of protection conforming to conforming to IEC 60529
Operational characteristics: 3A @ 240VAC, 0.1A @ 240VDC
2x NC and 1x NO electrical contacts
Mechanical durability: 100000 operating cycles
Ambient air temperature: -25 …. +70 °C

Screen Diameter A

7 3/4" (200mm), 9 3/4" (250mm), 11 3/4" (300mm), 13 3/4" (350mm), 15 3/4" (400mm), 17 3/4" (450mm), 19 1/2" (500mm), 21 1/2" (550mm), 23 1/2" (600mm), 25 1/2" (650mm), 27 1/2" (700mm), 29 1/2" (750mm), 31 1/2" (800mm)

Screen Width B

5" (130mm), 7'' (180mm), 9.5'' (240mm)




Ferndale Safety

TC - Lathe Carriage Chip Shield

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
TC model

TC-1, TC-2, TC-3, TC-4, TC-5, TC-6


With interlock, No interlock


Ferndale Safety

Lathe Lead Screw Covers, Retractable Safety Blinds

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

39'' (1000mm), 59" (1500mm), 78" (2000mm), 118" (3000mm), 157" (4000mm), 196" (5000mm), 236" (6000mm)


6" (150mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), 12" (300mm), 13 1/2" (350mm)


AR-1500H150 (59"x6"), AR-2000H200 (78"x8"), AR-3000H250 (118"10"), AR-4000H250 (157"x10"), AR-4000H300 (157"x12"), AR-5000H250 (196"x10"), AR-5000H300(196"x12"), AR-6000H350 (236"x13.5")


Ferndale Safety

Installation Manual - Chuck Guard

TF Installation Guide EN

Installation Manual - Lead Screw Guard

AR Installation instructions EN

Installation Manual - Carriage Chip Shield

TC Installation Guide EN