FER-TA-SG – Surface Grinder Safety Guard

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Custom-built surface grinder safety guard with built-in safety interlock switches.  Includes sliding doors and all-around polycarbonate windows.


Surface Grinder Safety Guard Features

This surface grinder safety guard prevents projections like wheel fragments or workpieces.  It will prevent any projections from hurting anyone standing nearby while the machine is running.

  • Large, clear windows for high visibility.
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate windows.
  • Lightweight for easy installation.
  • The built-In safety interlock switch ensures conformity.
  • Custom-made to fit your machine.
  • Doors slide open.  Available with roller bearings or drawer slides.
  • Doors are locked in place with an easy-to-use latch.
  • Mounts directly on the table or machine.

To build this guard, we need 3 measurements: A, B & C (See the photo below)A Surface grinder safety guard with sliding doors. Attached directly to table.

Why Safeguard Your Surface Grinder?

Ferndale Safety developed this surface grinder safety guard to prevent ejections from the work area.  Two things could happen:

A) The wheel could shatter or explode due to:

  • Stresses on the grinding wheel, such as connecting to a workpiece too fast or hard.
  • An imbalance of the wheel –  This could be due to coolant pooling or a defective wheel.
  • An internal defect such as a hairline crack could cause the wheel to shatter.  An old wheel could also cause this.

When the wheel explodes, it turns at high speed, and it could throw fragments at high speed.

B) A thrown object or part can be caused by:

  • The magnetic chuck is being left off accidentally.  Make sure the magnetic chuck has an electrical interlock.
  • The wheel could grab a loose or improperly positioned piece.

This surface grinder safety guard prevents ejections for the above scenarios and protects you and anybody in the immediate area.

Important Information

This guard only protects the front and sides of the work area and grinding wheel.  You will have to make sure that the back is covered properly.  Please take a look at our backsplash wall to provide a rear barrier.

Please take note that this is a custom-made product to your specifications.  All sales are final, with no returns or exchanges.

Product Variations

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Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 48 × 24 in
"A" Dimension

Up to 40", 41" to 60", 61" to 80"