Universal Safety Shield with Counterbalancing Positioner

From: $5,570.00

This is a heavy-duty safety shield for various machines and applications. It can be used on machinery or special applications such as assembly line stations.

  • 4-hole mounting base with optional post
  • The shield can be moved in 3-dimension space
  • A counterbalance spring allows easy positioning
  • Optional safety interlock switch
  • LED work lights
Safety Switch
Electrically Interlocked

Add adjustable floor-mounting post

Adjustable Mounting Post


Due to its incomparable mobility, operators can quickly move our universal guard to the needed place. Suitable for most machines, the TOP line machine guard has a flexible, mobile shaft equipped with a counterweight that can be moved vertically and horizontally.

The guard can be equipped with an LED light, and the screen comes in various sizes.

  • Built-in bright LED lighting.
  • Adjustable in any position in three-dimensional space.
  • Available with an electrical interlocking switch
  • Available with adjustable floor mounting column


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Ferndale Safety


Ferndale Safety

Choose Type

Standard, With Electrical Interlocks

Has interlock switch

No (No Interlock), Yes (With Interlock)

Product color

Clear, Ferndale Yellow

Product Features

Bolt-on, Polycarbonate, LED Work Light, Replaceable screen or shield, Adjustable

Disclaimer: By purchasing Our Products, you agree not to use them for "hot work" (e.g., grinding, welding, soldering, cutting) due to fire risk. Misuse is forbidden, and following all safety guidelines is required. Non-compliance means you accept full responsibility for any resulting harm or damage. For your safety and the effectiveness of Our machine guarding, remain within the "Safe Work Zone" directly in front of the guarding. Standing to the side increases injury risk and breaches our usage policy. Adhering to this rule ensures your safety and the Products optimal performance. For detailed safety and operational guidelines, please see our Terms and Conditions. (click here)