Bench Grinder Safety Bundle w/ Motor Brake


This is a complete safety bundle for your bench grinder, which includes the following:

  • Electronic motor brake with emergency stop
  • Interlocked safety guarding
  • Safety glass windows
  • Built-in LED work lights
  • Heavy-duty steel pedestal stand

Please call to confirm availability or to make any custom modifications.

Safety Switch
Electrically Interlocked
Work Light
Available w/ LED Lights
Safety Glass
Laminated Glass
Easy Swap
Replaceable Shield

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Every machine shop has at least one bench grinder. They help sharpen, deburr, and grind down metal. Most of the time, the flimsy shields that come with the bench grinder are not used and are flipped up because they are dirty, chipped, and burnt. But not anymore; Ferndale Safety has designed a bench grinder kit with laminated safety glass shields that do not chip and burn.

Here are some of the safety features available in this bundle:

  • Laminated safety glass shields with heavy-duty steel frames do not pit or burn like plastic shields.
  • Large 8″ x 9.5″ glass shields offer an exceptional view.
  • LED work lamps are built into each shield.
  • An electrical interlock on the shields prevents the machine from operating if the shields are not used.
  • Built-in anti-restart protection prevents the bench grinder from restarting after a power outage.
  • It features a push-button start, stop, and an emergency stop button to comply with local safety regulations.
  • Includes an electronic brake that stops the wheels from free-spinning in seconds!
  • Pedestal with a solid base and anchor points prevents the bench grinder from tipping or falling over.
  • Shipped in a wooden crate, assembled.

Bench Grinder Bundle Options

  1. The electronic brake system stops wheels from turning in seconds.
  2. Heavy-duty industrial bench grinder stand
  3. Laminated safety glass shields with electric interlock switch
  4. LED work lights built-in

Bench grinder safety bundle

Specifications of Optional Grinder

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  • WHEEL SIZE10″ x 1″
  • MOTOR14 Amp.
  • RPM1,720
  • VOLTAGE110V, 1 phase, 60Hz

Additional information


Ferndale Safety


Ferndale Safety

Has interlock switch

Yes (With Interlock)

Product color

Ferndale Yellow

Product Features

Polycarbonate, Laminated Glass, LED Work Light, Replaceable screen or shield, Custom-made

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