• Safety guard for hardinge lathe
  • Cyclematic lathe safety guard
  • Toolroom lathe safety guarding
  • Very small lathe safety shield
  • Hardinge Lathe Safety Guard
  • Complete safety upgrade kit on a hardinge lathe

Safety Guard for Hardinge® Lathes


Made for small toolroom lathes such as the Hardinge® HLV. This safety guard comes with polycarbonate windows which are easy to open. LED work light & safety glass shields are available as options.

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Upgrade this guard from polycarbonate to laminated safety glass. Glass has much better resistance to hot chips and coolants made with ketones or esters.


Safety Guard for Hardinge® or Small Lathes

This safety guard has been Initially developed for installation on Hardinge® HLV toolroom lathes, it is also compatible with any small, high-precision machine such as Cyclematic lathes.  Our technicians have even installed it around specialized textile machinery because it’s compact and easy to use.

An excellent replacement for the OEM guards and can withstand heavy use.


Fully welded steel construction with built-in electrical safety interlock switch.

  • Laminated safety glass and LED work lights as options.
  • The mounting position of this guard is fully adjustable.
  • The front swings up on damper hinges.

These shields meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI, and CSA standards for machine safety guarding.

Product Variations

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 46 × 26 in

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