• Interlocked safety shield model IE

IE – Lathe Chuck Shield (Glass)


Lathe chuck shield with laminated glass or polycarbonate windows.

  • Large installation bracket helps with installation.
  • Laminated safety glass for easy cleaning and scratch resistance.
  • Includes electrical safety interlock switch.

Lathe Chuck Shield Features

This safety guard was designed to protect the chuck area on a lathe but can also be used on various other machines. For Example, small screw making machines are great candidates for this type of shield.  Oil is used in ample quantities in these machines which may cause problems with polycarbonate.

You will like the especially large mounting bracket with slotted holes.  This allows for easy adjustment of the shield position after the bolts have been installed.

As with most of our products, this lathe chuck shield comes standard with a safety interlock switch.  When the shield is open, the switch can be used to stop the rotation of the chuck or even control other items such as indicator lights.

The large windows on the front and top of the shield allow light to pass freely and offer great visibility to the work area.

Laminated Safety Glass Safety Shield

If you want a durable shield made out of laminated safety glass, this would be a good option for you.  Use glass if the coolant or cutting oil that you use reacts to polycarbonate.  This happens when chemicals such as esters or ketones in the oil or coolant that you use react to the polycarbonate material.  Another benefit of glass is that it is easy to clean and does not scratch as easy as polycarbonate.

Screen Sizing Information

Please choose the model according to the measurements below.  These two shield sizes are kept in stock.  However, other sizes can be manufactured on demand.

IE-A11″ (280mm)12″ (300mm)10 1/4″ (260mm)
IE-B15 1/4″ (390mm)15 1/4″ (390mm)12 1/4″ (310mm)

Product Variations

Guard type


Screen type

Polycarbonate, Laminated Glass

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