VT | Glass Window Lathe Chuck Shield



The Best Lathe Chuck Shield With Safety Glass

This lathe chuck shield has large windows along the front and top side of the guard.  Great where visibility and durability are required for the chuck shield.

Use this chuck guard when the cutting fluid that you use is harmful to polycarbonate.  How do you know if your cutting fluid can be a problem?  Check if the fluid is made with any Esters or Ketones.  Polycarbonate hates those types of fluids.  We also have polycarbonate version available but if you want to go that route, we would recommend our model TF – Universal Lathe Chuck Shield.

Screen Sizes Available

NOTE: Don’t forget to take into account the chuck jaws that can extend past the diameter of the chuck.


POL/VT300CM300mm (11 3/4″)240mm (9.5″)
POL/VT350CM350mm (13 3/4″)240mm (9.5″)
POL/VT400CM400mm (15 3/4″)240mm (9.5″)
POL/VT450CM450mm (17 3/4″)240mm (9.5″)
POL/VT500CM500mm (19 1/2″)240mm (9.5″)
POL/VT600CM600mm (23 1/2″)240mm (9.5″)

Product Variations

Screen Type

Laminated Glass, Polycarbonate

Screen Diameter

11 3/4" (300mm), 13 3/4" (350mm), 15 3/4" (400mm), 17 3/4" (450mm), 19 1/2" (500mm), 23 1/2" (600mm)

Screen Width

9.5" (240mm), 7" (180mm)