LA – Big Chuck Safety Cover for Lathes

  • This safety guard is custom made to your needs.
  • The guard is made of a single hinge door, all metal, with a positive action interlock switch.
  • This guard offers a great protection without compromising the operation.

Got Big Chuck?

This chuck safety shield is great for machines with huge chucks. Install this puppy between the operator and the chuck.  Some people say we took our inspiration from a door.  OK, it does swing open like a door but it also has an electrical safety interlock and it’s completely made out of steel.  It will stop you from leaving your chuck wrench in the chuck and turning on the machine, and it will protect you from a spinning chuck.  And, it’s not made out of wood so it’s safer than a door!

These guards can be paired to protect the front and back sides of the part to be safeguarded.