TR-3A – Large Drill Press Chuck Guard


Great for gear head drill presses and small-sized radial drills. It comes with a built-in interlock switch and mounting bracket.

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SKU: TR-3A-200-CM

Features of the Large Drill Press Chuck Guard

This safety shield was designed to be installed on larger machines such as geared head drill presses or small radial drills.

Do you have a small drill press?  If you have a drill press with a motor in the back and pulleys, you might want to consider our model TR-2 drill press chuck guard.

The curved shield design allows three sides of the chuck to be covered.  By using the adjustment screw, you can easily adjust the shield’s position.

An interlock switch is included inside the mounting bracket assembly.  This protects the switch from any dirt or debris and prevents tampering with the switch.

Installing This Guard

Watch out!  Don’t forget to check where you’re drilling.  Radial drills and geared head drill presses have gearboxes filled with oil.  You don’t want to drill into an oil reservoir and drain all the oil.  Even worst, drilling into a gearbox and breaking something inside.  Take your time when drilling into any machine.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 22.25 × 17 × 7 in

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