What are lathe chip shields used for?  The lathe chip shield is an important safety device that is mounted on the carriage or cross-slide and follows the point of operation.  It prevents coolant and chips from ejecting towards the operator where the actual cutting takes place on a lathe.

We have lathe chip shields that move with the carriage and follow the point of operation.  We have two types of carriage safety guards: with interlock and without interlock.  The interlocked versions add a layer of protection and are perfect for educational lathes where the students are forced to use the guard.

Our team of product technicians will be happy to help you select the right safety guard for your application.  Photos of your machine and measurements of the cross slide will help us a lot.


Don’t forget that a lathe also requires an interlocked chuck shield to meet safety standards.  You can find a large selection of chip shields by clicking here.

Your leadscrew also needs to be covered!  Click here for more information.

Lathe Chip Shields

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