DISCONTINUED: Laser System for Press Brakes

A laser system and advanced safety device for press brakes.

Ferndale Safety does not sell or support this product, and it has been discontinued.  Please browse our catalog to find other excellent machine safety products that you might be interested in.



Laser System for Press Brakes

Introducing the press brake DSP laser protection – the cutting-edge device that enhances press brake safety beyond conventional light curtain systems.  Compliant with EN12622, the DSP generates a visible laser protection beam that shields the operator from getting crushed between the upper and lower tool.

Unlike inefficient light curtains or obsolete single-beam protections, the DSP laser safety represents the future of press brake safety.  The device is designed to reduce the muting point, also known as the speed change point.  It can reduce the muting point to as low as 4mm from the sheet metal, significantly reducing the bending cycle’s duration.  You can move the ram at higher speeds for a more extended period, minimizing the time spent moving at a lower rate.  Compared to conventional systems, the DSP can save up to 1.2 seconds per bend, improving productivity and efficiency.

The DSP laser has blanking technology that automatically recognizes boxes and profiles with side walls, enhancing precision and accuracy.

The press brake DSP laser protection is a remarkable advancement in press brake safety.  It enhances productivity, efficiency, and accuracy while providing optimal protection to the press brake operator.  Upgrade your press brake safety with the DSP-AP laser protection and enjoy an unparalleled performance.

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