Machine guarding in Ontario differs from machine guarding anywhere else in North America.  The Ontario Ministry of Labor (MOL) has regulations and enforcement concerning machine guarding in Ontario.

Altering or repairing electrical equipment in Ontario, Canada, could be an electrical installation (work) by definition in the OESC (Ontario Electrical Safety Code) and may require a field evaluation/special inspection. ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) enforces the OESC. ESA mandates that a machine that requires a field evaluation must be locked out and de-energized until an organization such as CSA, Intertek, or ESA perform the field evaluation. The field evaluation is mandatory to comply with Ontario’s laws if a machine has had electrical modifications performed, such as installing an E-Stop button or adding anti-restart protection.

The Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) is specific to Ontario. It is required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act that industrial machinery or equipment has Pre-Start Health and Safety Review.  A licensed professional engineer must carry out this PSR.  Ferndale Safety can help you find a licensed professional engineer in Ontario.  We have partnered with a network of engineers in Ontario that can do PSRs regardless of whether you’re in Toronto, Ottawa, or Thunder Bay.

Since October 2000, a PSR has been required by law in Ontario under Section 7 of Regulation 851 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (S.7 of O.Reg. 851). When installing any of the following protective elements on an apparatus, you must have a PSR performed by an Ontario professional engineer:

  1. Safeguarding devices that signal the apparatus to stop. Including but not limited to safety light curtains and screens, area scanning safeguarding systems, radio frequency systems, capacitance safeguarding systems, safety mat systems, two-hand control systems, two-hand tripping systems, and single or multiple beam systems.
  2. Barrier guards that use interlocking mechanical or electrical safeguarding devices. An Ontario-licensed electrical contractor must perform any work on an electrical apparatus as per Ontario regulation 570/05.

An exception to this is:

Work done within an industrial establishment or on a farm by an owner, operator, or employee; or Maintenance, service, or repair of electrical equipment that plugs into an electrical source. This work must not include extending or altering the equipment or installing, extending, altering, or repairing any electrical wiring connected to the equipment.

Technician installing drill press machine guarding in Ontario.

Machine Guarding Ontario – How We Can Help?

Ferndale Safety specializes in machinery guarding solutions, Which include physical guarding and electrical safety upgrades such as installing emergency stops and interlock switches.  We have a wide range of off-the-shelf guards ready to install on your machinery.  You can install the guards yourself or have one of our installation technicians do it for you.

Who Are We & What do we do?

Ferndale Safety is a 100% Canadian company that specializes in machine safety.  For over ten years, we have been safeguarding machines across North America.  We have helped industry, schools, and government institutions protect their students and employees from Newfoundland to Ontario and Victoria, BC.

Presence Sensing & Light Curtains

These are all devices that hook up to your machine’s electrical system to help you keep safe.

Safety Accessories

These safety accessories have multiple uses, so they get their own category.

Electrical Safety Devices

Here you will find electrical devices that are machine safety related, such as E-Stop buttons, safety interlock switches, motor anti-restart protection, and more.

Partitions, Fences & Enclosures

All kinds of partitions, fences, and custom enclosures for many different applications.

We constantly add more machine safety products to this website.  Don’t forget! Call us if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. We have many solutions and products that may not be listed here. Click here to find out how to contact us.