CNC Work Lights for Machinery 4980 Lumens

From: $454.30

Replace or add these bright CNC work lights to your machinery for visibility.  These are IP67-rated coolants and waterproof designs for the harsh conditions of CNC machines.


CNC Machine Work Lighting

You will love these CNC work lights- large, bright, and coolant-proof.  Replace your broken, outdated, and dirty OEM industrial machinery lighting on your CNC lathes, milling machines, or any other machine tool application.

These lights can be installed directly on any flat surface using the built-in brackets.  The lights can swivel up or down 180 degrees on the mounting brackets.

We also have a low-profile version of these lights that may better fit smaller machines.  Click here to see them.


There are two versions of these CNC machine work lights available.

Input voltage: 100-240V-AC with cable clamp, built-in LED driver, and tilting mounting supports
Power Consumption: 2 power and length options:

  • WIDE1-201 with 1 Set of LEDs (No.48) for a total of 20W
  • WIDE1-202 with 2 Sets of LEDs (No.96) for a total of 40W

Life span: 40,000 hours
Light Temperature: 6,000°K
Light Beam: 120°

Note: We cannot ship this product to the province of Ontario, Canada.

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