Low Profile CNC Lights 1700 to 6800 Lumens

From: $365.20

Low-profile LED lights for installation inside machines such as CNC’s.


These low profile CNC lights can be installed inside a machine enclosure or on a wall.  These lights work very well, where space is at a premium.


Input voltage: 24V-DC, cable without plug
Power Consumption: 3 power options:

  • 14W: with 1 set of LEDs 14W
  • 28W: with 1 set of LEDs 28W
  • 56W: with two sets of LEDs 28W

Life span: 40,000 hours
Light Temperature: 6,000°K
Light Beam: 120°

Note: We cannot ship this product to the province of Ontario, Canada, at this time.

Product Variations

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14W, 28W, 56W

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