Pivoting Head Spot Machine Light 540 Lumens


Small but bright machine light perfect for installation on machinery or inspection areas.  The pivoting head makes adjustment easy to add light where you need it.


Bright, Rugged Machine Lights

Well-lit areas make it much easier for an operator to monitor and see clearly.  Heavy-duty LED products from Ferndale Safety allow operators to see clearly inside machines and work areas.

The pivoting head on this machine light pivots to cast a spotlight to where it’s needed.  These lights can be mounted on any surface or machine to illuminate work.  It runs cool and shines a white light, which contrasts color tones well.

Withstands Conditions Inside Machines

You will find a variety of coolants, metal shavings, dust, vibration, and extreme temperatures.  Our machine lights are made to withstand coolants and other liquids.  With its IP65 rating, the light can withstand temporary submersion in liquids for up to 30 minutes.

This is a well-designed light fixture, able to withstand the conditions inside an industrial environment while providing crisp white LED light.


Power Consumption: 3W
Life span: 40,000 hours
Light Temperature: 6,000°K
Light Beam: 30°

Note: We cannot ship this product to the province of Ontario, Canada.

Product Variations

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Input Voltage

100-240V-AC, 24V-AC/DC





Disclaimer: By purchasing Our Products, you agree not to use them for "hot work" (e.g., welding, soldering, cutting) due to fire risk. Misuse is forbidden, and following all safety guidelines is required. Non-compliance means you accept full responsibility for any resulting harm or damage. For your safety and the effectiveness of Our machine guarding, remain within the "Safe Work Zone" directly in front of the guarding. Standing to the side increases injury risk and breaches our usage policy. Adhering to this rule ensures your safety and the Products optimal performance. For detailed safety and operational guidelines, please see our Terms and Conditions. (click here)

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