Anti-Restart Protection for 3-Phase Motors


For adding E-Stop and anti-restart protection, this 3-phase motor starter panel is ideal for milling machines and lathes.

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This motor control is recommended for 3-phase machines like milling machines and lathes that require voltages from 208v to 600v. These three-phase motor starter panels and anti-restart protection are great all-in-one upgrade options for older machines without restart protection or an E-stop button.

This product is for three-phase industrial machines. We also have single-phase, 120-volt standard motor starters for machines such as drill presses and bench grinders (Click here).

3-Phase Anti-Restart Protection

Many older machines, such as lathes and milling machines, do not have a three-phase motor starter panel and instead have mechanical on-off switches. This can lead to and cause several safety issues. The first issue is that your machine can restart after a power outage if somebody accidentally leaves the power switch in the “ON” position. The second issue is the lack of an emergency stop button. Lastly, the mechanical switch has up to 600 volts running through it, becoming an electrocution hazard. Installing a 3-phase motor starter panel will solve all these issues and bring the electrical system to machine safety standards.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 6 in

Ferndale Safety


Ferndale Safety

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Electrical Schematic

STARTER-HV Electrical Schematic


This starter panel can control motors with the following specifications:
  • Up to 5HP @ 208v - 240v
  • Up to 10HP @ 440v - 480v
  • Up to 15HP @ 550v - 600v
Qualified personnel must perform all installation and servicing of this product.

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