Self-Ejecting Lathe Chuck Wrench


Self-ejecting chuck wrenches won’t stay in unless you keep tension on them. This prevents the wrench thrown from the chuck accidentally.


Product Description

This self-ejecting wrench is designed for use on lathe chucks.  The square socket is covered by a metal spring loaded housing. If by mistake the wrench is left in the chuck, the spring will automatically jump the wrench off the chuck.

  • All steel construction
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Standard and spring-loaded type
  • Knurl ends for good grip
  • Inch sizes are a square drive
  • Black oxide and nickel plated¬†components

Available sizes

P/NDescription and dimensions (square)Handle LengthBody Length
FSEK-14Lathe wrench 1/46″4″
FSEK-516Lathe wrench 5/166″4″
FSEK-38Lathe wrench 3/88″4″
FSEK-716Lathe wrench 7/168″5″
FSEK-12Lathe wrench 1/210″5″
FSEK-916Lathe wrench 9/1610″6″
FSEK-58Lathe wrench 5/812″6″
FSEK-1116Lathe wrench 11/1612″10″

Product Variations


FSEK-14, FSEK-516, FSEK-38, FSEK-716, FSEK-12, FSEK-916, FSEK-58, FSEK-1116