DISCONTINUED – Self-Ejecting Lathe Chuck Wrench

These safety chuck wrenches prevent themselves from being left inside the chuck.  They work by self-ejecting with a spring-loaded end.



Self-Ejecting Lathe Chuck Wrench

These self-ejecting lathe chuck wrenches prevent themselves from being accidentally left inside the chuck.   A spring-loaded metal housing covers the square socket. The spring-loaded mechanism will automatically jump the wrench off the chuck if constant manual pressure is not applied.

  • All steel construction
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Standard and spring-loaded type
  • Knurl ends for good grip
  • Black oxide and nickel-plated components

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Available sizes

P/N dimensions (square) Handle Length Body Length
FSEK 14 1/4″ 6″ 4″
FSEK 516 5/16″ 6″ 4″
FSEK 38 3/8″ 8″ 4″
FSEK 716 7/16″ 8″ 5″
FSEK 12 1/2″ 10″ 5″
FSEK 916 9/16″ 10″ 6″
FSEK 58 5/8″ 12″ 6″
FSEK 1116 11/16″ 12″ 10″

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FSEK-14, FSEK-516, FSEK-38, FSEK-716, FSEK-12, FSEK-916, FSEK-58, FSEK-1116

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