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Ferndale Safety Machine Guarding Products

Since 1971 Ferndale has been providing superior products and service where the customer is number one. Ferndale provides a large assortment of machine safety guarding for machines tools and factory automation. We specialize in safety guards and shields for industrial machines. Ferndale also does safety risk assesments and free quotes on site.


We distribute directly to the United States and Canada through our network of strategic warehouses and resellers. We offer safety solutions for machine tool rooms as well as automated machinery such as that found in the manufacturing and food industries.


We offer a complete safety systems that includes physical guarding alongside electrical components. Most of our safety guards come with built in positive acting safety interlock switches to disable the machine if open. Ferndale also offers an assortment of electrical components such as motor starters, electrical panels, safety relays and light curtains.


Introducing our new logo and name


new logoold logo

We're proud to present our new logo that was designed to better represent our modernized company.  Ferndale started as a machinery distributor and repair company in 1971.  We are proud of our history but as with any successful company, ours has evolved over the years.  Ferndale now exclusively deals with machinery safety and as such, our new name and logo reflects that fact.

Welcome to Ferndale Safety – new name, new logo. The clean sharp lines of the logo represent our simple, yet effective approach to machine safety.  The tilted square represents caution and safety.

The font represents our focus on service, quality and customer satisfaction.

The yellow color of the logo is that of our safety products.  It immediately brings focus and recognition to our brand.

We hope that you enjoy our new logo as much as we do.



Safety products catalog

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Posted by Ferndale Safety on Wednesday, 3 February 2016