• Flip-up type shield model TR-9 for drill presses.
  • Drill press shield model tr-9 flipped up.

TR-9 | Flip-up Drill Press Shield


Adjustable drill press guard with a flip-up shield design. Great for any drill press.


Flip-Up Drill Press Shield

This flip-up drill press shield is an easy-to-install safety guard.  Includes an electrical safety interlock switch to prevent the machine from starting if the guard is flipped up.

  • The telescopic arm allows easy adjustment for any drill press.
  • Adjustable tensioner to keep the shield from falling down when opened.
  • Mounting bracket included with rotating adjustment.
  • Made out of impact-resistant polycarbonate.

Electrical Information

24vac/120vac/250vac maximum @ 4 amps

1 NO + 2NC snap action contacts.