TR-5 | Gear Head Drill Press Safety Shield


Great safety shield for drill presses that have large gear heads.  Adjustable vertically and includes a built-in safety interlock switch.

Shield size 9″ x 12.25″ Screen size (230mm W x 310mm H)


Works Great for Gear Head Drill Presses

  • Includes built-in safety interlock switch.
  • Large rectangular shield provides good visibility.
  • Shield size 9″ x 12.25″ Screen size (230mm W x 310mm H)
  • Approximately 12″ of vertical adjust-ability.


Please note that you may have to make custom brackets for this shield to work properly on gear head drill presses.  Make sure that the width of the screen will fit your machine.  If you are unsure give us a shout and we will gladly help you choose the right guard for your drill press.

Click here for the installation kit for this guard.

Why Have Safety Interlocking?

An electrical safety interlock prevents the machine from operating when the shield is opened.  This safety guard features an electric switch that disables the machine motor.  The switch is made in such a way as to prevents easy bypass of the interlock switch.

When we do on-site visits, we often see safety shields moved to the side and never put back on the machine.  An interlock is a simple solution to prevention of safety guard misuse or removal.

Product Variations

Interlock Switch

With interlock switch, Without interlock switch