DISCONTINUED – TR-7 – Long-Reach Drill Press Shield


The TR-7 is a long-reach drill press shield.  It has a long and adjustable vertical support, allowing mounting of the shield further away from the guard.

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Long-Reach Drill Press Shield

The TR-7 is the same type of guard as the TR-2, with a longer adjustable arm stroke. Great for drill presses with long spindles or far-away mounting points. The rod is extended by about 7.5” compared to the model TR-2. The screen is made out of impact-resistant polycarbonate (Lexan™) material.  Polycarbonate is well known for its high impact strength.  Most importantly, this safety guard includes a built-in electrical safety interlock switch that is tamper-resistant.  The safety interlock switch ensures that the safety guard is in place before you can operate the machine.

This guard will help prevent ejections from accidentally leaving chuck keys inside the drill chucks.  Customers can also buy self-ejecting chuck keys for added safety.  Click here to see our chuck key selection.

These shields meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI, and CSA standards for machine safety guarding.

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