Model TGS: Vertical Lathe Guarding & Chip Shield

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The model TGS is a safety guard for vertical turret lathes (VTL).  Protects around the perimeter of the chuck by using easy-to-move sliding screens.

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Vertical Lathe Guard Features

We have a unique line of Vertical Turret Lathes (VTL) safety guards with our models TGS-01 with one screen and the TGS-02 with two screens.  These guards are made of custom sizes.

  • Polycarbonate windows
  • Slides up & down for easy chuck access and free space for cleaning
  • Base feet for ground anchoring.
  • Includes safety interlock switches
  • Includes auxiliary lateral screens
  • Support for vertical sliding with double-sleeved bearing
  • Counterweight system with PVC coated steel cables

Demonstration Video

Screen Sizing Information

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P/N Standard screen height Features
TGS 01 500mm (20”) Single sliding screen
TGS 02 1000mm (40”) Dual sliding screens

What is a VTL?

Vertical turret lathes, or VTLs for short, are similar to a standard lathe but with a different orientation.  VTLs are used to machine or bore large-diameter parts that a regular lathe could not do.  There are still a large number of old VTLs that are still used worldwide with no safeguarding.  Ferndale Safety upgrades a large number of these machines each year with safety upgrades, including the vertical lathe guard shown above.

Installation Challenges

Installing a huge guard around a machine never designed for guarding is challenging.  For some machines, the vertical lathe guard blocks critical handwheels, which are used to precisely control the cutting head.  We have developed a remote control system that solves handwheel problems.  Click here to see our remote control of the handwheel project.

Product Variations

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TGS-01 (Single Screen), TGS-02 (Double Screen)

Standard screen height

19.69" (500mm), 39.37" (1000mm)


Single sliding screen, based on chuck diameter, Dual sliding screens, based on chuck diameter

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