• Vertical Turret Lathe Guard
  • Vertical Turret Lathe Guard
  • Vertical Turret Lathe Guard
  • Vertical Turret Lathe Guard
  • Vertical lathe guard installed on a vertical turret lathe.
  • vertical lathe guard
  • Side view of vertical lathe guard.
  • vertical lathe guard

Vertical Lathe Guards (VTL)


Safety guard for vertical turret lathes (VTL) or vertical lathes.  Protects around perimeter of the chuck by using easy to move sliding screens.


Vertical Lathe Guard Features

We have a unique line of Vertical Turret Lathes (VTL) safety guards with our models TGS-01 with 1 screen and the TGS-02 with two screens.

  • Polycarbonate windows
  • Slides up & down for easy chuck access and free space for cleaning
  • Base feet for ground anchoring.
  • Includes safety interlock switches
  • Includes auxiliary lateral screens
  • Support for vertical sliding with double-sleeved bearing
  • Counterweight system with PVC coated steel cables

Demonstration Video

Screen Sizing Information

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P/N Standard screen height Features
TGS 01 500mm (19.69”) Single sliding screen
TGS 02 1000mm (39.37”) Dual sliding screens

What is a VTL?

Vertical turret lathes or VTL’s for short, are very similar to a standard lathe which turned on its side.  VTL’s are used to machine or bore large diameter parts that a regular lathe could not do.  There are still a large number of old VTL’s that are still used around the world with no safeguarding.  Ferndale Safety upgrades a large number of these machines each year with safety upgrades, including the vertical lathe guard shown above.

Installation Challenges

Installing a huge guard around a machine that was never designed for guarding is a challenge.  For some types of machines, the vertical lathe guard blocks critical handwheels, which are used to precisely control the cutting head.  We have developed a remote control system that solves handwheel problems.  Click here to see our remote control of the handwheel project.

Product Variations

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

TGS-01, TGS-02

Standard screen height

19.69" (500mm), 39.37" (1000mm)


Single sliding screen, based on chuck diameter, Dual sliding screens, based on chuck diameter

Chuck diameter

59" (1500mm), 67" (1700mm), 79" (2000mm)