Industrial Footswitch, Heavy Duty Pedal (DISCONTINUED)



Designed for heavy-duty use in an industrial environment, the Ferndale industrial footswitch can be used to activate something electrically and frees up a person’s hands for other tasks.


Industrial Footswitch / Pedal

Use the Ferndale Safety industrial footswitch in harsh industrial conditions where it can resist strong impacts, chemicals & heat. These footswitches are custom-sized to your requirements and can have lengths of up to 10 feet long.  You will find it easy to use these footswitches to activate electrical devices with just one foot.

Each of these pedals includes dual plunger switches that come standard with 10′ of cable on each pedal side.  These switches can be used to turn on a motor while leaving your hands free for other tasks such as holding a tool.  This pedal is a momentary electrical switch meaning that pressing it turns the switch “on” and releasing the pedal turns it “off.”

Design Features

  • Customize the length up to 120 inches
  • Constructed of 12 gauge steel & Aluminum tubing
  • Can be bolted to the floor and/or to a wall
  • Dual integrated plunger switches with 10′ of cabling included.
  • Each industrial footswitch has 2NC & 1NO contacts.
  • Powder-coated paint for a durable finish
  • Suitable for rough environments
  • Color: Green pedal with grey colored switch units.

Dimensional overview of the Ferndale Safety stop pedal

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