Machine Access Control Electronic Key System


Install the machine access control electronic key system on any machine or equipment to allow authorization control for your employees.

An operator can use their key to unlock one or more machines, depending on their access level.

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Machine Access Control Electronic Key System

The machine access control Electronic Key System (EKS) is a cutting-edge key fob solution built to prioritize safety in machine operations.

EKS empowers organizations to establish stringent access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel can operate machines.

Usage Examples

  • Prevent night-shift staff from unauthorized use of machinery for personal projects.
  • Allow forklifts to start only for authorized drivers.
  • Ensure that only trained and authorized personnel can operate machinery or equipment.
  • Enable a special maintenance mode for technicians.
  • Allow special machinery functions that can only be allowed by a foreperson.

Prevent Unauthorized Machine Use

At the core of EKS lies a robust encryption and authentication framework, guaranteeing that only individuals with valid credentials can utilize the key fob system. By implementing EKS, businesses can fortify their safety protocols, mitigating risks and hazards associated with unauthorized machine operation.

With EKS, organizations can confidently entrust their machine operations to competent and trained personnel. By restricting access solely to authorized individuals, the system fosters a safe working environment, reducing the likelihood of accidents and preventing potential misuse or unauthorized usage.

What’s Included?

When you purchase this kit, you get:

  1. 1x Red Key Fob—This kit includes one key fob that serves as the primary access credentials for authorized personnel. Extra key fobs are available for purchase in a variety of colors. Click here to purchase additional key fobs.
  2. 1x Key Fob Reader—The reader mounts in standard 22.5mm diameter panel holes. It includes a 2-meter cable to connect to the interface adapter.
  3. 1x Interface Adapter—The interface adapter mounts on a standard DIN rail. It is the main controller for the EKS system.
  4. 1x Mini Relay—The EKS system can connect to a PLC but also functions independently using the provided mini relay. This setup enables four levels of access control without needing a PLC.





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