Smart Electronic Key for Machine Authorization & Control

Enhance safety protocols with the EKS (Electronic Key System), the secure key fob designed exclusively for machine safety and authorization. Grant access and control to trusted individuals, ensuring machine safety and optimal operations.

EKS – Electronic Key System

Introducing EKS (Electronic Key System), the cutting-edge key fob solution built to prioritize safety and security in machine operations.  EKS empowers organizations to establish stringent access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel can initiate and manage machine functionalities.

Usage Examples

  • Prevent night-shift staff from unauthorized use of machinery for personal projects.
  • Ensure that only trained and authorized personnel can operate the machinery or equipment.
  • Enable a special maintenance mode for technicians.
  • Allow special machinery functions that can only be allowed by a foreperson.

Prevent Unauthorized Machine Use

At the core of EKS lies a robust encryption and authentication framework, guaranteeing that only individuals with valid credentials can utilize the key fob system.  By implementing EKS, businesses can fortify their safety protocols, mitigating risks and hazards associated with unauthorized machine operation.

With EKS, organizations can confidently entrust their machine operations to competent and trained personnel.  By restricting access solely to authorized individuals, the system fosters a safe working environment, reducing the likelihood of accidents and preventing potential misuse or unauthorized usage.

What is Included?

The EKS kit is designed to provide a comprehensive machine authorization and control solution.  While the exact components may vary depending on specific requirements and configurations, a standard EKS kit may include the following:

  • Key Fobs

    The kit includes a set of key fobs that serve as the primary access credentials for authorized personnel.  Each key fob is uniquely programmed and assigned to an individual user, allowing them to start and operate the machines within their authorized scope.  Choose your preferred key fob color and quantity for each required item.

  • Electronic-Key Reader (EKR)

    the electronic key reader (EKR), and the electronics are mounted in one housing.  The key fob is inserted into the reader and held in place by a spring clip.  The EKR is installed on each machine you want to control access.  Choose the number of EKR modules you require.  Go to the EKS Electronic Key Fob product page to purchase other color keys.

  • EKS Programmer and Software Kit (Optional)

    This dedicated software allows administrators to manage and configure the key fobs and control access to some or all of the EKRs.  The software is connected to a desktop key reader/programmer with a USB cable.  You may also request that we pre-program the keys for you.

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