Anti-Slip Mat

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Raised anti-slip mat with drainage.  Prevents slips & falls due to slippery floors.  Custom-build your own sized and shaped mat with our patented interlocking tiles.


Our anti-slip mats are built to be installed in wet areas where floors can become slippery.  Our mats have anti-fatigue properties and resist fluids such as cutting oils.  Features like surface texture allow a better grip to prevent slips and falls.  The multiple perforations and raised construction allow for proper drainage of fluid on the anti-slip mat’s surface.

Anti-Slip Mat Features

  • Prevents slips and falls due to wet floors.
  • Oil and solvent resistance.
  • Interlocking tiles allow you to build the matt with custom contours.
  • Easy to assemble, with no tools required.
  • Hard tiles offer great resistance to high-traffic areas.
  • Perforations allow fluids to drain easily.
  • Able to withstand heavy cart tracking.

Interlocking Tile Design

These anti-slip mats are built using patented interlocking tiles to create any size and shape mat you require.  We also sell individual center and edge replacement tiles.  The tiles do not fall after they are locked in place, even with heavy traffic or cart rolling.

Custom Sizes & Shapes

Please click here to email us or call us if you would like a quote for a custom size or shape mat.

Product Variations

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39"x20" (1000x500mm), 39"x30" (1000x750mm), 59"x20" (1500x500mm), 59"x30" (1500x750mm), 69"x30" (1750x750mm), 79"x39" (2000x1000mm), 79"x20" (2000x500mm), 79"x30" (2000x750mm), 98"x30" (2500x750mm), 118"x30" (3000x750mm), 138"x30" (3500x750mm)


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