Single Door Cylindrical Grinder Safety Guard

From: $1,482.00

Safety guard for a cylindrical grinder with a single 23.6″ wide door.  Mounts directly to the front of the machine.

We also have a double-door version of this product.  Click here to view it.


We also have a double-door version of this guard.  Click here to see it!

The PR sliding door machine guard is a perfect solution to protect machinery such as cylindrical grinders or CNC machines.  These guards were designed to be installed on cylindrical grinders but work great in many other applications.

Cylindrical Grinder Safety Gaurd

The PR1 safety guard installs very quickly on the front of any cylindrical grinder.  When appropriately used, the shield will protect the operator from incidents such as wheel shattering or projections due to grinding.  The screen slides directly in front of the grinding wheel on OD cylindrical grinders.

Bed-Type CNC Milling Machines

We have successfully installed these sliding door safety guards on various CNC machines, such as bed-type CNC milling machines.  The cylindrical grinder safety guard can be installed on other grinders, such as surface grinders.


  • Built-in safety interlock switch with solenoid-latching lock.
  • The shield slides laterally on a track and roller system.
  • The standard door width is 600mm (23.63”) by 665mm (26.18”) in height.
  • We can make the screen size to your specifications.

Product Variations

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Ferndale Safety


Ferndale Safety

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Track Length

47" (1200mm), 59" (1500mm), 78.75" (2000mm), 118" (3000mm), 157.5" (4000mm), 197" (5000mm)

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