PS-1 – Horizontal Band Saw Safety Guard


The horizontal band saw safety guard from Ferndale Safety comes in a set of two screens and allows excellent visibility and material pass-through.  Also works great for power hack-saws.

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Use this horizontal band saw safety guard protect access to dangerous areas like the blade and shield against coolant, chips, and projections.

Safeguard Horizontal Band Saws

Note: This product does not work well with saws that have rotating heads for making angle cuts.  This safety guard works best for making straight cuts on band saws.

Putting a safety guard on a horizontal band saw is a challenge – but we have designed a guard that can protect the blade from accidental access.  It comes in a set of two see-through shields that swing out for access to change blades or access the work area.

Product features

The PS-1 guard for horizontal band saws consists of a pair of transparent screens.  You can open the shields outward.   It comes with built-in interlock switches that disable the system when you open one of the guards.

Our standard size is: 600mm (23.6”) wide x 400mm (15.75”) height

The post height is: 1120mm (44”)

The screens can be custom made for your needs.

  • The guard comes with both back and front shield.
  • Shields are adjustable up/down.
  • Both shields have an interlock switch.
  • Clear PVC curtain cut into strips allows the material to pass through easily.

Installation Precautions

This safety guard may be challenging to install on some horizontal band saws.  Be prepared to have material on hand to fabricate brackets.  Some band saws do not have a good base for attaching the posts.  The electrical interlocks must connect to a motor starter.  Click here if your machine does not have a motor starter/restart protection.

Product Variations

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Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 13 × 20 in

Installation Manual

PS-1 Installation Manual