PS-1 | Horizontal band saw


This shield is great for horizontal band saws that do not cut on angles and power hacksaws.  Comes in a kit of two (front and rear) shields.  The shields swing open and are interlocked.


Product features

The PS-1 guard for horizontal band saws consist of a pair of clear screens mounted on rotating posts positioned on each side of the machine. Comes with built-in interlock switches.

Our standard size is 600mm (23.6”) wide x 400mm (15.75”) height. The post height is 1120mm (44”). The screens can be custom made for your needs.

Clear PVC strips allows the bars to be fed through the sawing area.

Easy Installation

Installation hardware and tools not included.  We offer a separate installation kit that includes tools and hardware necessary for installation of this safety product.  You can buy the installation kit by clicking on the link below this paragraph.

Click here for the installation kit for this guard.

Why Have Safety Interlocking?

An electrical safety interlock prevents the machine from operating when the shield is opened.  This safety guard features an electric switch that disables the machine motor.  The switch is made in such a way as to prevents easy bypass of the interlock switch.

When we do on-site visits, we often see safety shields moved to the side and never put back on the machine.  An interlock is a simple solution to prevention of safety guard misuse or removal.

Product Variations

Weight39 lbs
Dimensions46 × 13 × 20 in