P-90 Piranha Ironworker Safeguarding

The Ferndale Piranha P-90 Safety Guard is a general-purpose ironworker safety guarding kit.  This kit protects all four sides of the ironworker, including the shear, the punch, and the notcher.

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SKU: IR-P90-01

Piranha P-90 Safeguarding Kit

Ferndale Safety designed this Piranha P-90 safeguarding kit for use on Piranha P-90 ironworkers.

  • It consists of 4 separate guards: 2x for the shear, 1x for the punch, and 1x for the notcher side.
  • All-steel construction

This kit is similar to our Piranha P50 kit.


This safeguarding kit for Piranha P-90 ironworkers may not suit your work style.  The challenge with safeguarding these ironworkers is especially evident on the “punch” side, which can accept many different attachment types.  Note that it is impossible to guard the punch side if you use more than one type of punch attachment.  If you use a bending attachment, it is impossible to safeguard easily.

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