P-50 Piranha Ironworker Safeguarding


The Ferndale Piranha P-50 Safety Guard is a general-purpose ironworker safety guarding kit.  This kit protects all four sides of the ironworker, including the shear, the punch, and the notcher.

  • Front & back shear guarding
  • Punch safety cover w/ adjustable pins
  • Notcher safety cover

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SKU: IR-P50-01

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Piranha P-50 Guarding

  • Heavy-duty metal frame and polycarbonate screens
  • Provides guarding to the Punch, Shear, and Notch work areas

We designed the Piranha P-50 safety guard kit to protect the three main sections of the ironworker: The punch press area, notch, and shear. This safety guard has impact-resistant polycarbonate (Lexan™) and steel frames. Polycarbonate is well known for its high-impact strength.

Note: the guard was developed especially for the P50. It may restrain some operations or make them impossible. Using this guard on a different ironworker may not be possible.

These shields meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI, and CSA standards for machine safety guarding.


Even though the guard uses the existing bolts on the machine, you may have to modify the guarding to suit your needs. This is especially true for the punch side, where a variety of tooling is used in the same area of the machine.

We cannot guarantee that this guard will work for you straight out of the box – some modifications may be needed depending on how you use the ironworker.

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Ferndale Safety


Ferndale Safety

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Bolt-on, Adjustable

Disclaimer: By purchasing Our Products, you agree not to use them for "hot work" (e.g., grinding, welding, soldering, cutting) due to fire risk. Misuse is forbidden, and following all safety guidelines is required. Non-compliance means you accept full responsibility for any resulting harm or damage. For your safety and the effectiveness of Our machine guarding, remain within the "Safe Work Zone" directly in front of the guarding. Standing to the side increases injury risk and breaches our usage policy. Adhering to this rule ensures your safety and the Products optimal performance. For detailed safety and operational guidelines, please see our Terms and Conditions. (click here)

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