Multi-Purpose Safety Interlock Switch

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Use this electrical safety interlock switch on doors, covers, access panels, and more. Comes complete as a kit with a straight key, switch, and cable. A separate actuator or key is used to activate the switch, which prevents tampering.

2 NC contacts, 4A max current at 120V

Mounting Brackets for Electrical Interlock Switch Key/Actuator

Steel mounting brackets to aid in mounting the key/actuator part of our line of electrical interlocks.

Available for order.


This safety interlock switch prevents access to dangerous areas, such as the gearbox on a machine.  A good application example is interlocking a door to access a robot.  This switch will detect if the door is open or closed and prevent the robot from moving if the door is open.

You get everything you need to start using this switch right away.

  • 5 Meters (~16′) of cable
  • Switch actuator key with rubber bushings
  • Switch body

Interlock Switch Features

Click here to see the operating instructions.  (English/German PDF)

Electrical schematic of safety interlock switch

Utilization category acc. to EN 6094751
AC-15 4A 230 V
DC-13 4A 24V

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Product Variations

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in




Mounting Brackets for Electrical Interlock Switch Key/Actuator

Bracket Type

For sliding doors (Type 1), For hinged doors (Type 2)


Ferndale Safety


Ferndale Safety

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