Sanding Belt Holder for Lathes

Sanding Attachment for Lathes, Model SPIDER

Upgrade your lathe safety by using this belt sander holder to polish parts. We are introducing the SPIDER, a lathe attachment for sanding and polishing parts on lathes. The whole assembly clamps into your existing lathe’s tool holder, allowing easy installation and removal.

  • Removes your hands from the work area
  • Easy to change out the sanding belt
  • Easy installation on the existing toolpost
  • The belt is rotated manually with a handwheel
  • The belt moves with the carriage and cross slide

Available in two different sizes:


Replaces the Need for Emery Cloth

Emery cloth or abrasive cloth paper has traditionally been used on conventional lathes to achieve the required tolerances in precision work.  The abrasive surface of the cloth is used to polish or deburr cylindrical metal parts.  This lathe belt sander attachment removes the need to use abrasive cloth or paper on a conventional lathe manually.

The Hazard

A high amount of accidents on metalworking lathes are the result of using emery cloth and sandpaper.  A strip of emery cloth is held between both hands and wrapped around the backside of the rotating workpiece.  If the cloth becomes snagged on the workpiece and wrapped around the fingers on the other end, the risk of an injury is high.  Injuries include broken bones, lacerations, and even amputations.

The aftermath

Preventable Lathe Accident

“Mechanic’s loose sleeve and emery cloth caught up in rotating part.”

The SPIDER lathe sanding holder was designed to prevent situations like these. This is the aftermath of a lathe accident involving a mechanic using emery cloth on a rotating chuck. This was an avoidable accident; thankfully, the mechanic recovered with minor injuries.

Source: Mechanic’s Loose Sleeve Caught in the Rotating Chuck,